Welcome to Earthly Religion, the Internet presence of God’s Goods, a humanistic, naturalistic, deistic religion.

This religion does not expect you to believe in God, the Bible, or any particular religious authority. Rather, it places faith in our human prerogatives and abilities, our earth’s interrelated system of life, and the natural laws which allow security, ability, freedom, and ultimate meaning.

Both non-believers and believers are welcome here.  The emphasis isn’t on believing; it’s on being and behaving, living well with yourself, each other, and life on earth.

The attention here is on the earthly. Supernatural speculations and possibilities are interesting but diverting.  Our religious responsibility and opportunity is found in these bodies on this earth.

While we take our religious perspective and work seriously, we don’t want it to be stuffy. Too often, religions are alien to the human condition rather than affirming of it.  We lean more towards the fun and sexy, natural and lively, human and humane.

Look through the essays, editorials, sermons, reviews, and blogs.  You’ll find pertinent, provocative thinking towards a free, ethical, and healthy way of life.   You may respond and participate.  All sincere input is welcome; spam and hateful rants are trashed.  As this site gains attention, participation, and contributions, it will grow to include and serve many worthy causes.

With your participation and support I will be more able to develop and apply the core ideas and values found here.

Most Recent Articles

  • Emerging Vision of God’s Goods

    Why add another religion to the world’s crowded supply?  What would be different about God’s Goods?  How would it help?  Why participate and contribute? Background I don’t expect that you have to believe in God or the Bible to benefit from reconsidering what the Bible’s opening pages say.  Or you can believe in both, in which case, what those opening pages say is even more pertinent.  How they’re seen and what is said about them is vitally ... Read more →

  • Fury Fun Folly

    George Miller’s Fury Road, fourth in his Mad Max series and thirty years after the original, is a stunning thrill ride of mostly real stunts against a background of preposterous illogic. It left me exhausted and charged up, but uncaring. I loved the stunts. Fights and crashes seemed realistic. The timing felt right. The use of 3-D and computer-generated tricks weren’t overplayed. Much of it seemed experimental; risky movie-making for an audience used to “anything goes,” ... Read more →

  • Jobs, Jobs and Job

    Jobs, Jobs and Job Jobs, we all want jobs. Or so we repeatedly hear. I don’t join that throng. I’m at that place in life where I only want to do what I want to do, and that is to serve this wayward, wanting world. Yet, as I listened to C-SPAN programs of election debates across the country in this 2014 election season, “creating jobs” was the main mantra. Millions of ... Read more →

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