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Good ‘n Gettin’ Better

Here's my tag line for an emerging song: "Good 'n Gettin' Better" Beyond the ample evidence of how bad things are and are becoming, let's go beyond our brain's inherent typical frightened, hurt, wary view of the world. Our amygdala remembers hurt and stays leery of the world. It creates an automatic chatter that can prevent us from seeing how good we have it - personally and culturally. We're better than that. Our prefrontal neocortex brain can remind and orient us that we're good and…

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Fret, Fume & Fun

Oh, the stress of it all! We fret. We fume. When comes the fun? Covid spiking locally, the highest in the nation for my own Jackson County! What slowly dwindled from 50 or so new cases a day and had gone down to about 10 has suddenly shot up to 350 cases a day, with deaths to go with it, sometimes children. Then there are the friends and loved ones who are dead sure their paranoid suspicions are more reliable than thousands of people who…

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Urgent Warning!

The Muddled Middle

Middle of what - the American experiment, western civilization, human progress? How about the middle of geologic earth with billions of years yet to come? Middle-aged for me? Sure, if I live to be 152. Maybe by then, I'll know what I should know by now. Perhaps we're near the middle of global warming (recently called "climate change" in order to make it seem more ambiguous and less alarming). We're either halfway to halting and reversing it back to familiar and comfortable pre-industrial levels (meaning…

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This is Extremely Dangerous …

"... to our democracy," goes the extremely ironic script mouthed by scores of hometown reporters on TV stations managed by Sinclair Broadcast Group. Sinclair is now owner-manager of both our local Rogue Valley newspapers, our only major news sources. Sinclair manages all sorts of tv stations and newspapers. It both manages some Fox News and competes against them. Fox, while claiming to be "fair and balanced," has been anything but that. But they aren't extreme enough for Trump and those who support him. Having used…

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Cars and Ethics

The cars we use are an ethical concern. Whether we're driving down the road emitting harmful gasses that will linger for hundreds of years or not - matters. When I'm using my Taurus V-6 I'm guilty of fouling our earth a bit. When I use my electric bike instead, the overall impact of my ride is improved dramatically for my part of the "bit." Of course, what I or any single person does or doesn't do matters very little to our collective predicament. Yet, a…

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I Did This Too

I recently submitted an entry to Awakening Starseeds II, a compendium of awakening experiences. I had written another similar piece in the first Awakening Starseeds book, "Be Embodied." (You can find it here at EarthlyReligion, under Writings, under Stories.) I was honored to be asked to return. I'll post it here and add a few comments for this month's entry. I Did This By Byron Bradly Carrier "I did this," says Steve, my professor-of-botany friend. The "I" he unabashedly affirms isn't just him in his…

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My Other Writing

When I graduated from high school in 1963, this small, simple, affordable, economic Ford was not available in the U.S. However, VW Bugs were. Detroit ignored both.
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My part in online forums in January 2021

Well, it's been a busy year so far. We're hunkered down, avoiding the Covid, keyed up, toying with racist fascism, and dimly worried, denying how hot we could get. Yet the stay-at-home days and months have mellowed us to homier routines. Some say we're already into the early days of the Age of Aquarius. Hope so. I'm proud of the Democrats, especially those in Georgia, for helping barely rescue us from a madman conman who thinks he can act like a privileged, uncontrolled king. I'm…

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2020 – The Year that Wasn’t Easy

2020 – The Year that Wasn’t Easy An Appreciative Lament I started out the year feeling kinda spiffy. Then I fell on my face Until I fell on my face Then I cut the very tip of my main guitar finger off. (Ever try to open and apply a band-aid when one hand is already bloody? You can’t. Passive-aggressive sadists have designed it so it can’t be used.) Which had barely healed when I smashed the tip of my second-most main guitar finger, which infected…

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