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I’m partial in myself.  I occupy only a bit of who I am, what I know.  I can’t include It All.  It’s too much.  I occupy only a fraction of the person I am and could be. You are too.  What did you have for breakfast?  You probably weren’t thinking about it until I asked.  Then you probably can remember.  Do you really know what you want?  Do you know how others see you? Do they know how you see yourself? These social partialities create…

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An Atheist Embalmer Prays for the Pope I gladly welcome you, Pope Francis, to this video of my prayer for you. Although I wish to speak into your eyes, I know others may tune into this if only for the provocative title, and if so, welcome!  What follows is a reenactment of a sermon I presented to a mall Unitarian Universalist Fellowship in Grants Pass, Oregon.  I was hoping to send a video copy to the pope.  However, the camera didn’t work, so I’m reconstructing it here for his and your…

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Thomas Jefferson Then and Now A video of my presentationThe text version is available below Thomas Jefferson Then and Now I am honored to speak to the Jefferson Center here in the State of Jefferson, entertained by Jefferson Public Radio – on the topic Jefferson Then and Now.  The Jefferson Center takes its name from Thomas Jefferson. Among many ideals associated with him, we are especially drawn to the ideals of curiosity, reason, inquiry, learning, and freedom of thought. Jefferson opposed intellectual or moral authoritarianism of any kind, advocating…

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