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Gladly Alone Together (the video)

Imagine how inept I seemed to myself having presented an entire Zoom video sermon to my Unitarian Universalist fellowship in Grants Pass, Oregon, only to discover I had moved the camera so that it wasn’t on me.

David, the Zoom administrator had tried to text me, alerting me to readjust it, but I, frazzled at trying to present it well, ignored the phone. Why? I got it in my head that it was various family texting with complications on how to get in. So, I messed up.

So, I try to remedy the situation by re-recording the sermon and posting it on my station on YouTube. Here’s the slightly expanded version, about 40 minutes.

We’re all separated into our isolated settings, sheltering in place. It is a scary and inconvenient time. But how to take it? How to not let worry or anger wear us down? We’re better than that. And as we are, the world around us gets better too.

Spread Love, not Germs
(from a street in my neighborhood)

Byron Carrier

Byron has been using his writing and public speaking to engage, challenge and inspire audiences for over 40 years. Reverend Carrier's mission is to rescue and revive our earthly Eden, including our human worth and potential. If you enjoy his work, consider supporting him with Patreon.

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jill iles
jill iles
27 days ago

hi Brad, lot more hair than when I saw you last time. Gladly alone? As a student of the Course in Miracles I don’t think I am alone. There is God, Source, Spiritual Guide, nature and animals. Now there is a robin’s nest in the fig tree – smart robin. Next to water and figs abundant. I don’t read much except the course so it is a joy to be put in touch with your blog (by brother Jimmy). Masks? Love ’em. I am a big eye contact fan so just seeing eyes to connect with is fun and sometimes… Read more »

Diane Newell Meyer
Diane Newell Meyer
14 days ago

Why don’t you post these on your Facebook page? You would get interesting feedback

Byron Carrier
Byron Carrier
10 days ago

Something about Facebook creeps me out. Plus, I barely know how to use it. I worry this long talk would put people off or rouse up the sort of angry snark I just don’t want to deal with. Plus, it’s only a so-so sermon. I’ll consider your suggestion, though. Thanks Diane.

13 days ago

Delightful and rich presentation — thank you!

13 days ago

Great talk, Bradley!
Oh my gosh I am definitely gladder now, especially after laughing out loud watching you figure out how to end the video! 😉
But seriously, I do feel happier and inspired to “Savor the Good”…
I loved hearing about the ANTs and how we need to magnify the good things!
Bravo, and as my Dad always said, keep up the good work!

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