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Here you will find a Calendar, a listing of Links I Like, a Sign-up for an impending newsletter, a place to Contribute, and one to Contact me directly. You are encouraged also to add your thoughtful responses to any of the writings. All sincere participation will be honored; hateful rants will be trashed. I will not market your name, compromise this site with irrelevant and annoying ads, or in any way detract from the intent of this site.


I have conducted hundreds of ceremonies over the over forty years of Unitarian Universalist ministry, from weddings to house blessings to memorials. No two are exactly the same for each tries to express the unique significance of the event.

Please contact me for such services.


I have formally and informally been closely involved with numerous persons, couples, families, and groups over the years. While I have degrees in psychology, philosophy, and religion, and I am familiar with various schools and modes of therapy and counseling (Jungian, Eastern, Rational, brain psychophysiology, and meditation) my approach is simple: careful listening and caring advice.


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