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Think and Think and Think

“Think, and think, and think,” Art advised.  Art Brayfield, former head of the American Psychological Association, learned but reclusive, liked my thoughtful sermons and occasional visits.  His advice seems truer than ever. Thinking has gotten a bad rap in my generation.  Positivists and quantum speculators would have us believe no thought is accurate or final.  Reason and logic, lauded in the Enlightenment, formerly a pillar for Unitarians, get attacked and dismissed even in formerly sensible UU circles as what created and justified patriarchy.  Diverse TV…

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Have a Heart to Help your Head

Robert Fulgum was delighted that a student brought an actual human brain to show and tell.  The students got to hold the three pound organ in their hands.  “I have one of those things between my ears,” he said, reminding them that not only does it serve to monitor and adjust all the functions of the body, from breathing to moods, it holds much more:   [It] contains all the limericks I know, a recipe for how to cook a turkey, the remembered smell of…

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Doctor’s Advice

The essence of liberal religion lives in you as you.  There is no separation between body and soul.  You are embodied soul.  The worldly and the worthy are not different things or places.  Your unique incarnation inherits inherent freedom and responsibility.  Who you are and how you live in your spirit, body, community, world, and cosmos is yours to live as you choose.  So it is for each and all of us.  This is the common existential condition we attempt to understand and care for…

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Why We Need Each Other – A Meditation on Left and Right

Our America eagle can’t survive without both a right and left wing.  As is, it wars against itself, one wing battering the other, flapping around in circles.  The dangerous divide in our country between left and right – between red states and blue states, between city and rural, between educated and not, between moneyed and not – cannot grow in rancor without ruining our common condition. Nor can our Unitarian Universalist congregations be whole without honoring and including so-called left and right types of thinking. …

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