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Predictions for 2012

          The end is near!  When?  Any moment.  Every moment.  All kinds of things will happen by a year from now; I guarantee that.  A year up, next solstice, December 21, 2012, could mark the very end.  That’s when the rogue planet Nibiru from the Kuiper Belt is said to arrive here.  Or maybe it will be because of the electromagnetic pole shift.  Or all-out nuclear war.  It makes you want to plan your last year on earth.  What’s important to know or do in…

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Fear, Force and Faith

Between the Lincoln Memorial and the White House is a statue of Christopher Columbus.  It is a grand image, inspiring, but perverse for the lie it perpetuates.  His horse rears.  His breastplate makes him look muscular and Roman.  He is bringing European sensibilities to the sub-human savages of the New World.  Of course, it’s all grandiose posturing, ego writ larger than life, as if that’s good.  We still celebrate Columbus with a holiday even though we know how cruel he was.  He waged invasion and…

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