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Yes, I welcome contributions towards me and my work. Contributions can be small or large; all are appreciated.

We are not yet a 501 C-3 sanctioned organization. Your gift is just that – a gift, a contribution. (If we develop a Board of Advisors we may then apply for the tax-exempt status.)

I will not pester you for more and I will not ever release any information of visitors and contributors to this site.

Please know it has taken me 15 years to migrate from full-time UU ministry towards full-time work for God’s Goods and Earthly Religion. (See “Autobiography of the Founder.”) Your participation and support is truly appreciated.

Besides money, I welcome help in advertising and presenting public programs (set-up, ushers, musicians), and I would very much appreciate the intermittent or permanent use of a public space near the Ashland downtown.

Use the “slider” below to adjust the amount you wish to contribute, then click the “donate” button. The transaction is through PayPal. You do not need to have a PayPal account, you can also enter debit or credit cards.

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