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To all my subscribers

All three of you! Or maybe there's 116, which Mail Chimp says is how many checked this website last month. I was down and out much of last month, barely alive, and now glad to be alive while getting better. In any case, I feel like earthlyrelgion is my labor of love preparing for even more labor and more love. I hope to make earthlyreligion far more public and trafficked this coming month. So, loyal readers, all two or more of you, bless you for…

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The French Broad, Thomas Jefferson, and a Holy Hope

Sure, Thomas Jefferson was the sort of man who appreciated the French and their women, but in this case, the “broad” refers to a wide, flat ancient river.  Lets review the river and the man towards our honoring both by living up to who we could yet be. I've left the cold of an Oregon winter for the cold of North Carolina's western mountains.  I'm five miles out of Marshall, NC, former Madison County seat, now home to about 400 residents supporting three cafes, two…

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Eden in America – Outer and Inner

I have a new tagline on my outgoing emails: “We are born of Eden and for it.” The more I learn about our garden planet the more I am astonished and in love.  I am in awe at whatever mystery and wonder that brought creation into existence.  Why is there something rather than nothing?  I hope there’s a God to hear my gratitude.  I want to take in Eden fully and treat it with reverence, responsibility and joy.  I thank whatever Creator may be by…

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Earth’s Eden: Love it or Lose it

And God saw everything that he had made, and, behold, it was very good. (Genesis 1:31) We are born of and live in Eden, and it lives in us.  We are made of it and for it. By Eden I don’t mean a mythical land of a biblical past, I mean the actual garden bible writers once loved, and I mean the rest of the garden that we should love.  Eden suffers both blunder and attack by us humans, exponentially-so in the last two hundred…

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Harvesting a Good Bounty

  How easy it is to take the goods of life for granted. I realized this in the usual way – by having something injured.  Who notices how well their thumbs work?  I don’t; they just do.  But bang it a few times and infection sets in, making it throb with highly noticeable pain, and you’ll realize all the ways there are to bump it again and again doing ordinary things.  Put a key in the lock?  Ouch!  Open a package?  Oww!  Type a sermon? …

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Rescuing Eden and Helping it Thrive

I want to remember, rescue and revive Eden, and I want you to help. Eden is more than the natural world.  It includes humanity and how we live in it.  Yes, sustainability is a good initial step, but that implies barely staying even.  I want us to revive nature and sustain it to thrive as never before.   I want us to change how we exploit, extract, and poison the life we all rely on - to promote cycles of replenishment. We need systems that…

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Jobs, Jobs and Job

Jobs, Jobs and Job Jobs, we all want jobs. Or so we repeatedly hear. I don’t join that throng. I’m at that place in life where I only want to do what I want to do, and that is to serve this wayward, wanting world. Yet, as I listened to C-SPAN programs of election debates across the country in this 2014 election season, “creating jobs” was the main mantra. Millions of offshored jobs, and then a lasting recession. People are desperate for jobs, any jobs,…

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God’s Goods: Human and Natural

God’s Goods: Human and Natural I’m so glad you’ve invited me here today and that you’ve come.  This brief sermon has been forty years in the making.  They say preachers really only have one sermon that they then elaborate on.  This is that one.  It says what I most care about and intend to serve the rest of my life. I’ll be using some religious terms here.  I hope and trust that doesn’t dissuade the more humanistic of you from listening past them to the…

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Emerging Vision of God’s Goods

Why add another religion to the world’s crowded supply?  What would be different about God’s Goods?  How would it help?  Why participate and contribute? Background I don’t expect that you have to believe in God or the Bible to benefit from reconsidering what the Bible’s opening pages say.  Or you can believe in both, in which case, what those opening pages say is even more pertinent.  How they’re seen and what is said about them is vitally important to our entire world.  Even bible-resenting atheists…

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These letters are acronyms for four kinds of drugs that I would like to explore in this sermon. Basically, I will recommend them as possibly problematic but potentially beneficial for persons and society. On the whole, and especially compared with the Counter Culture, I have not found a lot of interest in entheogens or other drugs in our UU culture. UU’s have concern for civil liberties, curtailing a needless and excessive police/prison state, the right for people to live their own lives as long as…

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