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Be Embodied

(This was my entry into the recently published book, Awakening Starseeds, by Radhaa Publishing. While most of the entries of this international assemblage deal with soul shaking/awakening experiences, mine goes to the bare bones of our matter and what matters.) Barely beyond high school, I came face-to-face with death and birth working for a funeral home that also ran the local ambulance.  I dealt with old dead bodies, and on the ambulance, watched some die, saved a few from death, and helped deliver a slippery…

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Eat Well

First off, let’s admit we all need to eat something.  All living things take something in and let something out.  Whether through a cell membrane or a mouth and anus, we need to eat and expel to live.  There is no shame in that.   Even the sun eats and expels to exist.  We are made of the cooled matter of an old star explosion.  We are lighted, warmed, and powered by our current star, and we will be eaten by it farther in the…

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