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Deeper than Roots

Deeper than any scriptural roots are the cosmic substances that make life possible.  Our western religious roots reach deep via old scriptures, but other roots were cut off, defined out, declared heretical, just as our ways have been treated.  Along side the New Testament books are the adjacent but banned Gnostic texts of that early Christian era.  In them, we find our liberal religious ways align with the ways of Jesus and his early followers better than Christianity’s orthodox approach has, especially in terms of…

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The Crucial Context of Christian Conceptions

It is interesting how a small population from a limited area during a narrow period of history shaped the essential religious and social concepts of our entire western civilization.  In an area smaller than our western Oregon, the Jews, Romans, Greeks, and others mixed in a cauldron of clashes, generating ideas that would shape our basic view of history and set into us assumptions so familiar we don’t often notice them.  We also don’t notice is the context in which these ideas were adopted while…

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