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From Passive Tolerance to Dynamic Mutuality

The issue I wish to address today involves the inevitable tensions that can grow between the good souls of a church or fellowship.  My concern is twofold: how do we maintain and improve a dynamic, satisfying fellowship for all of us, and how do we model the dynamic mutuality possible in a pluralistic democracy?  These issues go to the heart of our congregational and societal relations.   I’m glad I don’t have any particular complaint or crisis in mind.  This really has to do with…

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Selfish, Selfless, and Self-Fulfilled

“Egotists,” I joke, “are those more interested in their selves than me.” We all have egos.  We all see and work the world from the unique locus we know as “I.”  We each have our particular body, genetic disposition, situation, and story.  While I admire the quest to be egoless, I doubt it happens.  Even saints can get caught in their very spiritual ego.  And you know what’s harder than being a saint – living with one. We all know people with egos so big…

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