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Trump tweeted that "These Thugs and Radical Left Monsters have just indicated" him. I believe he wanted the word "indicted," because he just was for trying to hide the hush money he paid a porn star after having an "affair" with her. It's the least of his four legal challenges. He'll play the victim, projecting that others are the very Thugs and Monsters he's actively trying to inflict on our government and society. He'll use it and the images of the violent insurrection of January…

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The Da Vinci Code: A Review

Having not read The Da Vinci Code, as has some sixty million readers worldwide, I felt professionally obliged to see the movie.  It did not shock me, but I’m used to these ideas.  (I favor the more radical possibility that Jesus not only loved Mary Magdeline and fathered a child with her, but survived his crucifixion (with her and his mother’s help) and lived on to be a father of children in northern India, where he is buried.)  In the Da Vinci Code, she left…

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