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Trump tweeted that "These Thugs and Radical Left Monsters have just indicated" him. I believe he wanted the word "indicted," because he just was for trying to hide the hush money he paid a porn star after having an "affair" with her. It's the least of his four legal challenges. He'll play the victim, projecting that others are the very Thugs and Monsters he's actively trying to inflict on our government and society. He'll use it and the images of the violent insurrection of January…

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BBC Says in later August 2022

BBC says in later August 2022 I had stopped copying my online screeds until later August. The first is the most fun. I'll just drop them in here in chronological order for your perusal on topics from drugs to politics to the 2nd Amendment to appropriate technologies to human nature to Ukraine to Gorbachev. 8-21-22 to NYT on cannabis drinks I've enjoyed smoking cannabis since 1970 and have recommended its legalization from the pulpit. However, there is a difference between smoking in eating it. I…

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America Can Go to Hell

I don’t want it to.  Nor do I believe in some hell in an alleged afterlife.  The hell America could go to is an actual one, fires and torment galore! I use this provocative title deliberately in a prophetic way.  Prophesies are if/then warnings.  If we keep fostering hateful division at home and new enemies to war against abroad, then we could create hell here worse than the Civil War, worse than WWII, worse than we want to think.  Besides all the anger and domestic…

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