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Fake Truth

The truth is all the rage these days - claimed by those who subvert it.  We need to rise above the confusion, collusion, and delusion to be whole with who we are and what we really know.  The Blind Saint of Vrindivan, who I met in India, says we are viveka (inner knowing) that shines on aviveka (untruth, not-us).  By seeing aviveka and renouncing it we grow free from illusions and lies, and we come to live from our own precious center. Dance Freely with…

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Religious Values in our Election (2004)

Whether we’re conservative or liberal it’s ours to tell what values we hold, no matter what we’re told. Christianity, the Renaissance, the Enlightenment, and our own beloved rights-based democracy in America - all increasingly entrusted us with our free will. We sovereign citizens should know, share and vote our own free conscience, not what someone tells us. Lately, we’re told certain religious values in the election prevailed and should prevail. We’re told that decent people in the heartland, feeling culturally ignored, voted against their pockets…

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