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The Storm is Coming: Disinformed is Worse than Misinformed

It was a totally nice day as I walked by a guy in a car with the engine running.  After I shopped and came out of the store, it was still running.  I wanted to grab him, take him to the tailpipe, and put his mouth on it.  “Breathe that, you irresponsible dope!” Instant car karma, he gets first what he otherwise sends to everybody else! Unless his starter was broken, he was either misinformed and ignorant of our shared responsibility to not wreck our…

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Good ‘n Gettin’ Better

Here's my tag line for an emerging song: "Good 'n Gettin' Better" Beyond the ample evidence of how bad things are and are becoming, let's go beyond our brain's inherent typical frightened, hurt, wary view of the world. Our amygdala remembers hurt and stays leery of the world. It creates an automatic chatter that can prevent us from seeing how good we have it - personally and culturally. We're better than that. Our prefrontal neocortex brain can remind and orient us that we're good and…

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Earth’s One Day

We greet the sun in the morning We sigh good-bye at night But the sun is always with us Though to us, seems dark and bright.   It stands still, ‘tis we go spinning Whirl our earth-flung way Counting our days and our seasons Living our life’s time away.   Our perspectives on time and life are limited.  We fool ourselves by the immediate and the apparent, missing the interconnectedness of time and life.  But we reorient ourselves to our longer and larger reality by…

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