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America Can Go to Hell

I don’t want it to.  Nor do I believe in some hell in an alleged afterlife.  The hell America could go to is an actual one, fires and torment galore! I use this provocative title deliberately in a prophetic way.  Prophesies are if/then warnings.  If we keep fostering hateful division at home and new enemies to war against abroad, then we could create hell here worse than the Civil War, worse than WWII, worse than we want to think.  Besides all the anger and domestic…

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The Mandate of Heaven

The eastern version of our western divine right of kings was the Chinese Mandate of Heaven.  Let us consider its framework and apply it to our current king of sorts, King George.  I do this, not in a partisan way, but towards loving our country, all humanity, and earth. The Chou, a somewhat crude but ambitious crew, defeated the Shang in 1115 B.C., beginning one of the longest dynasties in Chinese history (1115-221 B.C.)   In order to convince their subject peoples, especially the nobles, of…

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