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Is Barbie the Answer?

How we view our history and future can be skewed, or even screwed if we don't see either well. I promised my readers I would review the Oppenheimer and Barbie movies, and I will, but on the way, I read three books and had a bike crash, all six of which can lead us to lessons. I hope you enjoy this grand sweep of history. I hope it helps place our lives in a larger context leading to more hopeful, realistic visions. The featured image…

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Destroying or Developing Democracy

It is not just the Unitarian Universalists who hold democracy as scared duty and hope; much of humanity honors mutual self rule.  We no longer believe a king or pope has the right to rule us, for the divine hierarchy isn’t top down, it’s inner out, both individualistic and communal.  This isn’t a passive putting up with bossy rulers; it is protecting, perfecting, and promoting humanity’s rising to be itself.   By democracy I don’t merely mean voting.  Voting for others to represent us is…

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