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Religiously Political prep in Newsletter

Carrier’s Comments in November, 2008 Catalyst Newsletter Federal tax law bars me from a partisan directive to you on how to vote.  I wouldn’t presume to do that anyway.  The intent of the separation of church & state is to bar the government from promoting, or persecuting, any religion in order that the religions have the latitude to speak to social trends & issues.  The church should not be beholden to, or afraid of, the government.  To suggest that religions should remain silent on political…

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Destroying or Developing Democracy

It is not just the Unitarian Universalists who hold democracy as scared duty and hope; much of humanity honors mutual self rule.  We no longer believe a king or pope has the right to rule us, for the divine hierarchy isn’t top down, it’s inner out, both individualistic and communal.  This isn’t a passive putting up with bossy rulers; it is protecting, perfecting, and promoting humanity’s rising to be itself.   By democracy I don’t merely mean voting.  Voting for others to represent us is…

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Civility and Health Care

What has become of civility in our society?  Civility is inherent in civilization.  To civilize is to instruct on the arts of life, to enlighten and refine them, to bring our society out of a state of barbarism.  However, a wave of incivility has us headed back to barbarism, diverting us from any sensible dialog or progress, especially as we consider health care reform.  My concern here is not just for health care.   Our health care system is exemplified by Paul Goodman’s comment about…

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