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Good ‘n Gettin’ Better

Don't let the devil sell you what you already have. Good and getting better is a tag line for an impending song extolling our condition. What? Wait! Aren't we weary of Covid, worried about armed crazies, tired of Texas and taxes? Yes, and we're stuck in a dangerously warming planet that the fossil fuel media and lobbyists would have us "don't look up." I would counter that we should look up, not just at the comet of planetary fever increasingly upon us, but at all…

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Religiously Political prep in Newsletter

Carrier’s Comments in November, 2008 Catalyst Newsletter Federal tax law bars me from a partisan directive to you on how to vote.  I wouldn’t presume to do that anyway.  The intent of the separation of church & state is to bar the government from promoting, or persecuting, any religion in order that the religions have the latitude to speak to social trends & issues.  The church should not be beholden to, or afraid of, the government.  To suggest that religions should remain silent on political…

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