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Me, You, and War

I was born only two hours before the atomic bomb annihilated Hiroshima, so don’t blame me for it.  You and I are born into hate-ridden tragedies usurping hopeful visions of kindness, justice, and mutual happiness.  Perhaps you agree. Nor should I (or you) be blamed for Korea, Vietnam, Granada, Panama, or the wars on Central America, or Iraq, or Afghanistan, or the needless new ones brewing on Venezuela and Iran.  Please don’t blame me for my country’s growing alliances with murderous dictators and dangerous war-mongers…

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Bong Iran!

See at Avaaz and Zazzle/Bonoville We're in the midst on yet another pre-war round of dehumanizing an "enemy."  Iran isn't our enemy.  However, murderous hawks in our own government try to set them up as enemies.  We're supplying Saudi Arabia with billions of dollars worth of advanced weapons currently being inflicted on the hapless residents of Yemen, who the Saudis fear and attack.  This is the same Saudi Arabia that murdered the journalist Kashoggi, hacked apart his pathetic body, and (so far) gotten away with…

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Religious Values in our Election (2004)

Whether we’re conservative or liberal it’s ours to tell what values we hold, no matter what we’re told. Christianity, the Renaissance, the Enlightenment, and our own beloved rights-based democracy in America - all increasingly entrusted us with our free will. We sovereign citizens should know, share and vote our own free conscience, not what someone tells us. Lately, we’re told certain religious values in the election prevailed and should prevail. We’re told that decent people in the heartland, feeling culturally ignored, voted against their pockets…

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Was it happenstance or deliberate that the date of the attack would be our code for emergencies? Who would that emergency call be to? What synchronistic meaning should we see? Out of the clear blue sky, our own airplanes allegedly commandeered by Islamic militant terrorists, smashed into the twin trade towers in New York, the Pentagon in Washington, and into a field in Pennsylvania. While Americans may have had a somewhat disdainful attitude towards those two boxy towers above the Manhattan skyline, both for their…

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Women, Wonder, and War

From Texas to Tehran, societies scurry to placate the power of those posing as pious – instead of affirming and advancing inherent intelligence and integrity.   Modernity fears its own success.  Instead of claiming and furthering the steady progress of science and the Enlightenment, it falls prey to those resentful of both.  Fundamentalist advices to “have faith” or to “submit” turn us from knowledge, freedom, and responsibility, towards gullibility and obeisance.  Decent souls, questing for what is good, flock to church and mosque only to be…

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