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Americans barely rescued our country and democracy in the mid-term election. Over $16 billion dollars was spent, much of it channeled through “dark money” organizations.  The Supreme Court has blessed this secrecy, declaring corporations are “persons” and money is their “free speech.”  About half of that was spent on federal elections, half on state and local.  In some locales, the tv and social media were inundated with gobs of ads, none identifying who paid what for their annoying drone.  Here are a couple of reports…

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Rebels without a Cause

Remember the 1955 movie “Rebel Without a Cause”?  James Dean, Natalie Wood, and Sal Mineo played three distraught teens, alienated from their families, caught up in teenage toughness, resulting in a tragic accident.  Those were the days when a switchblade knife at school was considered dangerously wrong.  “Blackboard Jungle” that year also showed the disturbing trend, amplified much later in 1972 by “Clockwork Orange,” which portended purposeless violence. The Rebel Without a Cause movie was titled after the psychiatrist Robert Lindner’s 1944 book of the…

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The Storm is Coming: Disinformed is Worse than Misinformed

It was a totally nice day as I walked by a guy in a car with the engine running.  After I shopped and came out of the store, it was still running.  I wanted to grab him, take him to the tailpipe, and put his mouth on it.  “Breathe that, you irresponsible dope!” Instant car karma, he gets first what he otherwise sends to everybody else! Unless his starter was broken, he was either misinformed and ignorant of our shared responsibility to not wreck our…

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BBC Says in September of 2022

Here’s what I contributed to various forums, tweets, and emails in the order they were posted: political branding, ecological wishes, critiquing and complimenting media, electrified bikes and other vehicles, public ownership of personal and public power gathering, Israel’s shooting of a journalist, rising fascism, misnomers on the geography of cities, sections, and continents, mob-mind Republicans, support for my local State Senator, the foolishness of “believing in the Bible,” (including my own core biblical theology on how Genesis One can fix the eons of mayhem based…

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Dashed by Bots, Then Ignored

I had to create an entire post to have even the slightest chance of having someone at the New York Times read what I had intended to add to the Comments on their report about Russian bots contributing to the shaming of a feminist participating in The Women's March of 2017. So, I'll paste in my commentary and some of thier report here: "I read the Comments here until my eyes glazed over and my scrolling finger cramped.  "The vicious botters don't have to create…

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BBC Says in later August 2022

BBC says in later August 2022 I had stopped copying my online screeds until later August. The first is the most fun. I'll just drop them in here in chronological order for your perusal on topics from drugs to politics to the 2nd Amendment to appropriate technologies to human nature to Ukraine to Gorbachev. 8-21-22 to NYT on cannabis drinks I've enjoyed smoking cannabis since 1970 and have recommended its legalization from the pulpit. However, there is a difference between smoking in eating it. I…

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Singing My Way

For a few years, I've been singing my heart out at karaoke. Cute blue-haired Carli hosts it. Participants get to sing one or up to three songs during the night. We also listen to other singers, some great, some bearable. I think I sing fairly well. I have a mini fan base who cheer me on. Carli and I in the Black Sheep (I'm actually taller than she is!) Thought I'd list the songs I've sung or want to (mostly the former). (If you've seen…

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Supremely Assaulting Court

(Prepare for a rant. A rant is a meager response to the dismal, dangerous place our society is in right now. Outrage is suitable. This is the most important year in American history, one that calls on us all as citizens of a self-run government and society. There are reasons beyond these to be upset, and there are reasons not elaborated on here (but are elsewhere on this site) to be realistically hopeful.) Our Supreme Court now implements the extremist agenda of the fascistic Republican…

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BBC Says in June 2022

That's me, jumping off the rope into Squaw Lake, similarly risky as posting online. The following is a log of what I put online in various forums during June. Because so few people read these, I'm not taking the time to arrange and edit them for our purpose here. If you have responses or additions, you can add them at the bottom. . . . . . . For those looking for my previous posting, Ira Flies, I've removed it and placed it in my…

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