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Supremely Assaulting Court

(Prepare for a rant. A rant is a meager response to the dismal, dangerous place our society is in right now. Outrage is suitable. This is the most important year in American history, one that calls on us all as citizens of a self-run government and society. There are reasons beyond these to be upset, and there are reasons not elaborated on here (but are elsewhere on this site) to be realistically hopeful.) Our Supreme Court now implements the extremist agenda of the fascistic Republican…

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BBC Says in June 2022

That's me, jumping off the rope into Squaw Lake, similarly risky as posting online. The following is a log of what I put online in various forums during June. Because so few people read these, I'm not taking the time to arrange and edit them for our purpose here. If you have responses or additions, you can add them at the bottom. . . . . . . For those looking for my previous posting, Ira Flies, I've removed it and placed it in my…

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BBC Rants at The Cloud

“The Cloud” is where most programs and documents are stored these years.  It’s where online articles and the resulting forums live.  Being a bit ADD, I tend to get interested in some discussions, contributing my thoughts and rants as if involved in a public forum.  I add my 2 cents. (Except with inflation, that’s now 2 dollars; darn you, Biden!).  The Conservative Onslaught and A Positive Future: If conservatives seek to maintain stable systems, how can they be true to their tendency when it is…

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BBC Says – Even if only a few read it

There I go again - tilting at windmills. (Well, promoting the electricity-generating ones.) Only a few read my tweets and online comments, but maybe there's a reader or two here who might appreciate my comments on Elon Musk, advice to Democrats, Adam Kinzinger, night lighting, electric boats, utilities that exploit their users, the trucker convoy, Dr. Bronner's Soap brothers, Bill McKibbon, taxing all pipelines, Meet the Press staging, changing "You Must Stop" to "Stop When you Must," most Republicans as RINOs, gun control, Steve Martin…

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Be in It

Dr. Arvind Vasavada, my guru and friend, my gentle, generous mentor from my seminary days, used to advise me and his analysands (counseling clients), “Be in it.” (Here he is pictured between my friends and colleagues, the Reverend Doctors Bart Gould and Vern Barnet, at my ordination in Saint Joseph, Michigan, in 1972.) Imagine my good fortune upon entering seminary at the University of Chicago in 1969 to meet a man who embodied the two main interests I had – Jungian psychology and Eastern religions. …

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Earth’s Eden: Love it or Lose it

Readings prior to the sermon: “Managing environmental resources sustainably has always been difficult, ever since Homo sapiens developed modern inventiveness, efficiency, and hunting skills by around 50,000 years ago… [E]very human colonization of a land mass formerly lacking humans – whether of Australia, North America, South America, Madagascar, the Mediterranean islands, or Hawaii and New Zealand and dozens of other Pacific islands – has been followed by a wave of extinction of large animals that had evolved without fear of humans and were easy to…

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Good ‘n Gettin’ Better

Don't let the devil sell you what you already have. Good and getting better is a tag line for an impending song extolling our condition. What? Wait! Aren't we weary of Covid, worried about armed crazies, tired of Texas and taxes? Yes, and we're stuck in a dangerously warming planet that the fossil fuel media and lobbyists would have us "don't look up." I would counter that we should look up, not just at the comet of planetary fever increasingly upon us, but at all…

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Solstice Signs

The huge full moon, the amazingly colorful solstice morning, and Christmas all came together in a beautiful way that seemed to portend a beautiful upcoming year. I hope so. 2021 was a bit of a dreary, frustrating challenge. We're all worn by social, political, and medical worries. I hope and pray we regain a healthy community. Here's the sky on solstice: Solstice Sky Same solstice sky, another view I appreciate those few of you who came here to read what I post. However, it was…

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