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Faith in the Larger Liberty

Picture this: Our president in the White House takes scissors to Bible, cutting out of the New Testament all that makes Jesus more God than human.  Out goes the virgin birth story, the miracles, even the resurrection.  When preachers object, he calls them “soothsayers and necromancers.”  To top it off, he is having an extended affair with his half-black servant, fathering children with her.   Such a scandal would leave Fox News sputtering, unsure how to begin the spin.  How prissy and protected we are.…

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Rescuing America and Christianity from Conservatives

I’m wearing this impractical but elegant ceremonial robe to illustrate the longer and larger tradition of friendliness in American sectarian relations. Baptist deacon Norman Bennet liked what we did at the Red Hill Universalist Church in rural southeast North Carolina, a liberal Christian congregation going back some 150 years. Norm liked me so much he bought my graduation robe. He gave me it and a 12 gauge shotgun, which I also still have. Norman valued our liberal religious ways because they provide needed balance to…

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