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Gotta Start Somewhere

You gotta do to do.  Big plans and bigger imaginations don’t get it done.  Drawers of files of information and ideas just get more crammed.  Needs as wide as a round ball planet go neglected.  I’ve taken in too much and given out too little of it.  I gotta start somewhere, so I’ll start here.

I’ll start by publishing to the entire world, knowing no one knows I’m doing it.  I publish to all humanity, and not just for these decades, yet I’m alone so far.  No one knows and no one cares – yet.  Like Steven Colbert addressing his jokes to “nation,” I write to “earthlings.”  He had millions of viewers; I have no one, no one but myself and my cares.

I care very much about humanity’s well-being and that of life in general on earth.  Ever since I was an ambulance attendant and embalmer (not causally related) I’ve known the reality of life and death.  As a minister I’ve been with many as they died and dealt with the grief of those remaining.  I’d hate to see the outcome of all human progress descend into scarcity, stress, strife, and suffering.  I’d hate to see humanity stop believing in itself, stop having hope, start growing cynical, apathetic, and passively suicidal.  I’d hate to see us drag down the glory of human and animal life, distracted by a glut of shallow consumerism, fanatical religiosity, arrogant militarism and lonely selfishness.

I’m lucky enough to have inherited a rich education in the sciences, logic and philosophy, mythology and religion, critical thinking, music, and a sense of humor.  I’m fortunate enough to inherit jazz, the classics, and rock.  I’m bold enough to speak to difficult and touchy topics intelligently.  I’ve drawers of stuffed information going nowhere and I see the need for unpacking it everywhere.

So, late in life, I start.  I open a blog spot to start getting it out, to start turning big intentions into bigger realities.  The bits I know and the way I think might add to what you know and think, taking us and earthlife in a synergistic direction.  Partial though I admit I am (for we each and all are) I’ve got to take my place in the world of ideas.

This is all pretty vague and abstract to you, perhaps.  You would be having to find my initial blog entry to read it, perhaps spurred on by other articles or blog entries in my web site earthlyreligion.  If you read there of the sorts of goods I want to affirm and promote, you’ll see it is a grand challenge and vast vision.  If you want to identify with it and help out, then participate in the dialog and promote it with those who might similarly agree.

I’ve lots to say.  It will be helpful to humanity and earthlife.  Come join and spread the word.  We’ve an Eden to rescue and revive.  As I write this, I know no one knows it yet.  Yet, it’s a start.

Byron has been using his writing and public speaking to engage, challenge and inspire audiences for over 40 years. Reverend Carrier's mission is to rescue and revive our earthly Eden, including our human worth and potential. If you enjoy his work, consider supporting him with Patreon.

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